Gabby and Josh

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Johnsons Corner Farm - Medford, NJ

How We Met

Josh and I met about 6 & 1/2 years ago at a local bar. I actually made the move and asked him to come meet me – we had mutual friends and I had seen him a couple weeks before when I was out with my friends. He agreed to come to meet me that night, and we’ve been together every since! We have both changed and grown so much since we started dating, but we’ve grown together.

how they asked

We ALWAYS go apple picking in September and pumpkin picking in October. We’ve made it a tradition every year since we started dating. This year, we were both super busy working on the weekends, so we decided to go apple picking and pumpkin picking together in one day. The night before we went, we went to a house showing because we are house hunting. My dad came with us to see the house (because I always like my dad’s approval), and little did I know, Josh was going to ask for his approval to marry me that night! The next day, while apple picking, he told me to look up at a big apple in the tree. “Look at that apple!” (We always try to get the biggest apples that no one can reach) I looked up and all I saw was “Marry Me?” written on the apple that he pointed at. I immediately turned around and Josh was down on one knee! The next day, we went “under contract” on the house we looked at the night before. It was truly magical!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Johnsons Corner Farm - Medford, NJ