Gabby and Isaac

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How We Met

Isaac and I met in high school at the start of his senior and my junior year, in a small town where we had both grown up. We began dating shortly after the first day of school, when we officially met while he volunteered his free period to help the teacher in my theater class. For a year we enjoyed nights of football, afternoons waiting by each others’ lockers, movies and ice cream.

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Summer, though, eventually came to an end and we can each clearly remember sitting on the swing on my back porch tearfully trying to decide if we wanted to try long distance. The day before he left for college we went for a walk by the river as the sun set. We took off our shoes and walked out in to the shallow water.

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As we stood there contemplating our future, we heard “will you please join the bride and groom on the dance floor” echoing from the mountain above us. A wedding was taking place at at a small bed and breakfast looking over the river. We danced to the entire reception and held each other both not wanting the night to end. We decided that if we could make it through college, we’d return to that spot one day.

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how they asked

We dated long distance for 5 years, traveling back and forth across the state of Virginia to our different colleges. Once I graduated, we decided to move in together. A few months later my birthday came around so Isaac suggested we just have a small celebration with my family in our hometown. On the drive home, he was so nervous he missed our exit and I poked fun at him, but didn’t catch on. He told me that we were just going to go out to a nice dinner together. He dropped me off at home that afternoon and I performed the ‘getting ready’ routine I had done so many times when we first started dating. Isaac later called and said he was already out helping his dad, and asked if my sister could drive me.

As she pulled up to that same Bed&Breakfast from years ago, I assumed that’s where we were eating dinner. I walked up to the front door and knocked but there was no answer, and then I heard a ‘Hey you!’ come from across the field. I turned and saw Isaac standing in a suit, underneath a gazebo lit up beautifully with piano music playing softly. Walking across the grass my heart began to beat faster, knowing what was about to happen.

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He gave me a very well thought out speech that I caught none of because I kept shouting: ‘Are you serious?!’ He got down on one knee, I screamed ‘Of course!’ and pulled him up for a kiss when suddenly I heard the same song that had played at wedding on that magical afternoon years ago.

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