Gabby and Eddie

Image 1 of Gabby and Eddie

It was our fourth Valentine’s day together and I was excited for it. I had given him his gift and he was making me wait for mine. I was surprised because he’s usually one to give gifts super early, but not this year. The day was passing and still nothing. Every time I asked him about my gift he would reply, “Babe I have something planned for us, just trust me,” and so I did. It was getting later and finally he got up and said “come on babe lets go right now.” We got into the car and started making our way downtown. I was so anxious to see what he had planned for us.

We pulled up to The Tower of Americas and my heart dropped. I had always been wanting to visit the tower and see the city. “Is this what you had planned?” I asked. “Yes. Were you expecting this?” He replied with a smile. “Not at all.” We made our way into the tower and they had us take a pictureImage 2 of Gabby and Eddietogether. They escorted us to the elevator and we went up to the top. We got out of the elevator and stepped outside to check out the city view. It was so beautiful and I had the love of my life by my side. What could possibly better than that? Well, it gets way better… We spent some time taking pictures, talking, and looking at the view. It was so perfect.

After a while of being there we took off to the gift shop to get our pictures we had taken. My mom kept blowing up my phone asking where we were at so she could meet us for lunch and she had told me to tell her when we were making our way out to the car so my family could meet up with us. I was just so confused on why she wouldn’t just meet us at the restaurant we would eat at. We were waiting on our pictures and out of no where we see my dad walking towards us. “Hurry, we are all hungry.”

So we got our pictures and started walking out. My dad started walking ahead of us and walked off and then my mom came right beside me and starts playing that song “marry you” by Bruno Mars in my ear. I still had no idea what was going on. “I love this song! Don’t you just love this song?” My mom asked with her music box right in my ear and my boyfriend was smiling really big. We walked up to see my brother and cousins holding up signs that said “Be mine forever”.

Image 3 of Gabby and Eddie

I turned and saw my boyfriend get on one knee. My eyes filled with tears of joy. “Will you marry me?” He asked with a huge smile on his face. “Of course!” I replied. My family cheered and were congratulating us. I had all my family and my fiancé with me on a very special day. I was so blessed. This was the happiest day of my life.