Gabby and Chris

How we met: Chris and I met at an open gymnastics class, as an ex gymnast I was there to play around and Chris is a pole vaulter so was there doing some strength training. He asked me to cirque du solei not long after and that was in 2011, the rest is history…

Ski 02

how they asked: We drove down to the snow in the middle of the night to be the first people on the slopes. Little did I know what was going to happen that day. We skied for a bit, then Chris took me to our favourite spot in the snow right up high on the mountain overlooking the valley. We decided to take some photos, so Chris stuck his GoPro in the snow with the camera on his stock. We took pictures of us doing handstands and jumping just like usual. I was messing around with my phone when Chris gave me a kiss and said ‘ Gabby I love you so much’, he then started to get down on one knee, I took a step back and dropped everything I was holding, Chris continued ” Gabrielle Rebecca will you marry me?’ I started crying straight away and said “yes of course” I couldn’t believe it and was shaking for a good half  an hour after.

Little did I know that Chris hadn’t stopped the video from when we were taking pictures earlier, he had captured it all on the GoPro! He even asked my dad for permission the week before. We are happily getting married November 2015.

Ski 01

Ski 05

Ski 03