Gabby and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I have been dating for eight years, It all started when we were seventeen and going to Thomas Stone High school. He was in my math class and we would flirt everyday, I would hand back all of his homework and assignments with a heart on the corner I quickly sketched in pencil and he would pull my chair back so I was closer to him. That summer he finally got the nerve to ask me out on our first date. It was to Kings Dominion an amusement Park in VA. I had the best time, he won a hammer game for strength and won me the biggest teddy bear in the park. Unfortunately the teddy didn’t make it home because it didn’t fit in his car at the time, a small Chevy cavalier, so he gave it to the first kid we saw with a mini van large enough to hold it, they were thrilled. Brian has always been such a kind hearted man always doing for others :) Through the years he made many romantic creative gestures such as buying me not every flower that ever existed but also rainbow roses which I had eyed for sometime online thinking they couldn’t possibly exist, playing my favorite country songs and singing them to me, buying my another two or three large teddy bears to replace the first, and finally eight years later he proposed.

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how they asked

Brian planned the proposal with the help of my best friend Alyssa, she planned one of our usual adventures to have lunch and go to the beach, I had no idea Brian would be waiting there. When we arrived at the beach I saw a rose so I picked it up…and then another and another..and after picking up twelve I a came around the corner to find a huge rose heart with brian in the middle and “Will you Marry Me” written in red rose petals. In the background was “Brad Paisley, Then”. A song I have always loved and related to us because with every passing year I feel our love grows so much. I spotted my favorite photographer right away, Stephanie, who had done some previous photo shoots for us! He knew how important photos were to me! I was so overjoyed that of course I said YES! Afterwards he took me to our favorite icecream shop, Brusters. It was a dream come true!

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