Gabbie and Devin

How We Met

Devin and I met at a bar. It was your typical dive bar where all your regulars are there. My condo was right behind the bar, but I’ve actually never been there until that night. I was with my friend Anthony and we were meeting our friend Megan there with her friends. On our way there, I told Anthony that I actually just want to go home and just call it a night. I lived so close by that I could have walked home. But Anthony insisted I stay out and not go home. He was very adamant about this. So what do I do? I walk into the bar with him and net with our friends and then proceeded to the bar and sat next to a random guy (soon to be husband) all by himself. My friend ordered an uncommon drink that caught this random guy’s attention. We were chatting, laughing, and had a connection. Next thing I knew, he asked me to dance. I was in awe of his moves because I’ve never country danced before so it was fun having him lead. And at the moment, I felt like it was just him and I there :)

Gabbie's Proposal in Juneau, Alaska

How They Asked

We were back in my hometown in Juneau, Alaska. Devin hasn’t really experienced the summertime there, so I thought this would be a perfect time since it’s my Grandma’s 95th birthday and all my family will be there. The first event that was on the birthday agenda was a welcome picnic. It was super casual, bbq style, campfire, marshmallows, playing cornhole, and just having a grand old time. Devin pulls me aside and asks to take a picture with me with the glacier and waterfall as our background. Mind you: he actually enjoys pictures together so this didn’t really catch me off guard. As my brother was taking our picture, Devin starts whispering in my ear and starts to tell me how much he loves me. Next thing I know he’s one knee with my whole family right there in front of me. I completely blacked out. I just knew that I said yes to my forever soulmate.

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