Gabbi and Jaret

How We Met

We met online via EHarmony :) I had been on and off dating apps for a few years, a few relationships that fizzled out and had just taken a long break from the online dating world, when I decided I was ready to go back on…Jaret was the first person I met via EHarmony, which was a new site for me to try

how they asked

Jaret & I have been dating for 3 years. Mid-October, Jaret suggested we go out of town for a staycation. We had both been working really hard this year and suggested to get out of town before the Holiday season kicks in, rates go up and before our house is filled with out of town guests. We decided on Marco Island. We arrived, checked in and got taken up to our room. He proceeds to tell me that the hotel is known for a fire show at sundown & seeing that’s my favorite time of day, with a glass of rose` in my hand, we agreed to go to that before our dinner reservation. We had been told that there were 4 weddings at the hotel over the duration of the weekend, so when I saw the rose petal & candles that formed a HUGE heart in the sand, I thought it was a set up for one of the weddings.

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Jaret & I made our way to the busy tiki bar for drinks. A gentleman named AJ, who runs the fire show, introduced himself to us & gave us heads up of where to sit for the best viewing. When I followed AJ to the area to be seated, Jaret stayed back at the bar to get us drinks, I took photos of the set up because I thought it was so beautiful & romantic! After 2 short fire shows, AJ asked the large growing crowd for female audience participation. Everyone around me was volunteering, but not me as I get shy. He walked up to me, asked me to be his volunteer & then asked Jaret to follow, so I wouldn’t be scared of the fire. He was doing so much talking (I assumed his schtik for the shows grand finale) that before I knew it, AJ had walked us into the middle of the heart & as I turned around to look at Jaret, he was down on one knee poised to propose. Of course between tears and laughter I said YES! Unbeknown to be AJ had been in communication with Jaret all week long & had photos of us, so he knew exactly who we were when he approached us to get us good viewing seats for the show….I was clueless! Jaret had set all this up over a period of 5 days with the help of the local hotel Event Coordinator & our good friend Trisha who works for the hotel chain back in South Florida. Jaret didn’t stop with the romance there, when we walked in to the restaurant, EVERYONE shouted their congrats to us. I was the only person at the hotel who had no idea how much my life was about to change…we then had a sumptuous dinner in the private chef’s room, where I was greeted to a bouquet of red roses and a note from Jaret, then when I thought he couldn’t have planned any more surprises, when we got back to the room there was a heart of rose petals on the bed accompanied with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. I can’t wait to marry my Prince Charming.

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Gabbi and Jaret's Engagement in Marco Island, FL

Special Thanks

Trisha Thibodeaux
 | Planning
Lexi Schilling
 | Planning
Carlos Moreno
 | Photographer