Gabbi and Ethan


How we met

His sister and my mom work together in Colorado, where I grew up, and decided to set us up! I was living in New York at the time and he was living in California. We both went back to Colorado for Christmas, and our families had arranged for all of us to go out for drinks at a local distillery. They made sure Ethan and I were sitting right next to each other…. and it worked!


We hit it off and talked all night. We spent the entire next day together, which was his last day in town. I showed him around downtown and we just talked and walked around in the snow. I felt so strongly about the connection that we’d had, that I surprised him at the airport to say goodbye when he left. After he went back to California and I went back to New York, we continued talking and skyping every day. We started visiting each other, and eventually I moved out to California. The rest is history!


how they asked

We went back to my hometown for Christmas in Colorado, where we met. His sister suggested we have a “mother daughter day” and me, my mom, her and their mom all went out for lunch and manicures downtown. Afterward, we had gotten coffee and were headed back to the car (I thought). As we were walking, there was a light snowfall, exactly the way it was that first day Ethan and I had spent together 4 years earlier. It was perfect!


I heard music start to play, and I turned and saw Ethan between two buildings, all dressed up and on one knee playing his guitar. I stopped, and he sang a song that had always been special to us, except he had changed it up a little bit and made it his own. After the song, he asked me to marry him and he had my dad there, who handed him the ring to give to me.



Afterwards, he surprised me by taking me to a restaurant where our whole families and many of my friends from my hometown were there waiting to surprise me. It was definitely magical!


Special Thanks