Gabbi and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I met through a mutual friend who set us up on a blind date at an unassuming Applebees in Hauppauge, NY. We had spoken on the phone a few days prior, but I was still a bit nervous meeting a stranger on my own. I had arrived early and as I was waiting, mentioned the situation to the hostess who immediately laid out an escape plan complete with secret codes and signs “just in case”. We ended up being seated in a private section of the restaurant and talked for a few hours, my faithful hostess checking in a couple times with a thumbs up and a smile. Best. Date. Ever! We went on a second date soon after, and another after that and so on.

I had found out our first date was actually Brian’s birthday, so I made him an apple pie as a belated “birthday cake” for one of our dates. Food has always been a bonding point for both of us, and we love introducing new food to each other. I introduced him to sushi, maple syrup, and broccoli; Brian showed me what “good” pizza really was and revealed his famous chicken cutlet recipe. We had begun the process of slowly moving into my tiny apartment together when a few job opportunities opened up for him out of state. He had been going through a career change from a high school physics teacher to a software developer when we first met, and we both knew an opportunity might take him out of NY.

He came over one night and waved a bouquet of flowers in my face asking “Want to move to North Carolina with me?” to which of course I said yes! As you can imagine, both of our families were a bit shocked when we told them. He moved a couple weeks later, and I joined him a month after once I found a new job in Charlotte. Our life in Charlotte, NC has been amazing. We love the city and enjoy the craft beer scene as often as possible. We’ve started traveling around the country 4 years later, we had been talking about getting married now that we had settled down, adopted a dog, and bought our first house. I spent way too much time trying to guess when he was going to propose; we travel around the country a lot and I was sure it was going to be on one of our big adventures.

how they asked

Like most of the country, we were excited to be able to view the recent solar eclipse and had even taken the day off to travel to South Carolina to see it in totality. My dad, a science teacher, and photographer drove down to join us at a family friend’s farm at witness the amazing natural event. It was truly amazing. After totality, Brian asked me to walk with him around the farm. Not wanting to leave my family, I’ll admit I wasn’t very cooperative about moving. “Let’s go see the goats” is now the iconic line that got me to grudgingly leave the group. Brian talked about how beautiful the eclipse was and asked me if I wanted to see the next one in a few years with him, all the while I grumbled about how I really didn’t care to see the goats.

His voice sounded odd to me, so I turned around to look at him. To my surprise, he was down on one knee and popped the question right there, next to the goats! My dad captured the whole moment and I later learned he may have knowingly traveled 1,000 miles to see something besides the eclipse…

Now, we’re in full swing into planning our October 2018 Oktoberfest wedding here in Charlotte, complete with our dog, Lexi, as our furry flower girl. We’re very excited to begin our new adventure together. No doubt, we’ll continue to go on many more trips around the world and see amazing things together, but the short trip to SC to see the eclipse will always be special to us.

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