Gab and Ryan

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How We Met

I met Ryan over eight years ago in college at the University of Delaware, at the end of our Junior Year. Even though we didn’t know each other we had mutual friends, and he invited me to his 21st birthday down the shore at his parents’ bar that summer. I crashed the party and celebrated with him and his family. Little did I know that we’d go back to school, and start a relationship, and I’d spend every summer after that with him.

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How They Asked

I’ve dated Ryan for 8 years, and after spending every day in quarantine together I thought there was no way he could plan a proposal without me catching on! I had some inklings but my friends and family threw me off! So when August 29th came I didn’t know what was in store.

Ryan planned a Saturday at a vineyard with some friends and I felt it sweet he took the effort to coordinate something he knows I enjoy. We got some delicious wine and sat under a tent as it drizzled, listening to a Dave Matthews cover band. When the rain stopped, Ryan mentioned we could walk the vineyard.

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As we talked, I told him he was being so romantic! That’s when he said “I got one better for you” and dropped to one knee. We were alone between the vines when he asked me to Marry him. I couldn’t believe it even with him holding my dream ring in front of me. When he asked for my hand I threw down my full wine glass! I didn’t think it would fit because we never talked about or looked at rings together, but turned out he had borrowed a ring of mine for size months before! It fit perfectly.

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He pointed down back at our cheering friends, and I saw my best friend was suddenly there at the end of the vineyard -taking pictures for us of the entire moment! Ryan asked her to be there as he knew I would want to capture the memory.

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The surprises didn’t stop there. He brought me to his parents’ house where I thought only my family was – and when I walked in I was shocked to see so many of our friends and family there! He thought of every way to make this proposal perfect for me, from our special moment in the vineyard to orchestrating a safe celebration with those we love.

We’ve never felt so loved and happy. It was the best day of our lives!

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