Frumi and Max

How We Met

My best friend had gotten engaged to his roommate. She kept telling me that she had a great guy for me, so I told her to run the idea passed my parents…My mother asked me if I was sure that I wanted to date him, and I said, one date can’t hurt!! In the mean time, while Max and I were dating, my best friend got sick with cancer, and their engagement ended. I guess it was meant for them to get together in order to make our match. You will be happy to know though, that my best friend had a full and complete recovery, and is married to a wonderful man, and they have 4 children!!! We are best friends til today, and our daughters are classmates!

how they asked

He knew I had always wanted to be asked by water or at a beach setting. I had flown in that morning to NY, as we had been dating long distance. I was so exhausted, and wanted to take a quick nap before freshening up and seeing him. He was not having any of that. We drove, and he took me to a place where there was water and benches at the edge. It was November, and cold and drizzling. There he got down on both knees and had a few words prepared, and asked me to marry him. He had already asked my parents for permission for my hand in marriage.

I said yes, and then throughout the day, he kept on taking me to different beaches and places where there was water and kept on proposing…it was beautiful and perfect. Of course now, 22 years later, if you ask him how he proposed he will tell you he did no such thing, and that it was I who proposed to him!!!

Image 1 of Frumi and Max