"Love is an Open Door" Frozen Proposal

How we met: Mark and I were first introduced by a mutual friend. Mark was looking for a “lovely woman” and I was looking for a “lovely man”. She instantly told us about each other and from there our relationship grew. I added Mark on Facebook to check him out, get to know him a little better, you know like you do! Mark was working with our friend at the time on a musical so I used that as my way to pluck up the courage to chat to him. We organised a night where I could pop along to a rehearsal and join in, with the intention to joining the chorus for the show.

As soon as I spoke to Mark in person I could tell how genuine he was, and saw how tall he was! Bonus point.
We chatted on line for a few weeks until we exchanged numbers, I was very against being in a relationship at that time as I was about to go back to University to retrain as a teacher, I knew my life would become much busier and thought I would have no time for a man in my life. Mark knew this and pulled out all the stops to prove I had to take a leap of faith and with his thoughtful ways he slowly made me realise how crazy I was to think I didn’t need such an amazing man in my life! It all started with an application form… he actually made a job application form and applied for the position of “Angela’s Boyfriend”! The deal breaker was he assured me he loved drinking tea and would make me endless cuppas!

We met again two months after the first meeting, at the seaside. It was a sunny day and I was nervous, but I had nothing to worry about. Mark was the perfect first date. From that point I knew he was something special. Our second date was at a local country park…where I plucked up the courage to hold his hand!

We hung out more and more and after a very special delivery through my door (the most amazing bouquet of flowers) I thought I had to stop denying how I actually felt about this amazing man. The truth was I was scared. But I had no reason to be. Mark was everything I ever wished for. He was kind, considerate, loving, thoughtful, funny and honest.

I moved in with Mark 20 months into the relationship. We always spoke about marriage quite openly and honestly, I didn’t want Mark to propose until we had lived together for a while, just in case! However it seems Mark wanted to propose as soon as he could!

The day before our planned holiday to Crete, Mark said he wanted to take me to the Rising Sun, the country park where we first held hands, for a picnic. As always I was running late, and found it odd why Mark wouldn’t tell me what kind of sandwiches he had made! We walked up to the pond we walked around on our date and Mark happened to notice his friend Serena, taking photos of swans. I didn’t find this odd at all. We got onto talking about the movie Frozen (everyone knows the one I mean) and how much her daughters loved it, I joined in agreeing, I’m not ashamed to say I love it too. I then went on to explain how Mark and I both said if the day had ever arrived that we ended up engaged we would make a video of it lip syncing along to “Love is an open door” and show the ring at the end when there is the proposal. Serena asked us to do it for her there and then to cheer her up. Mark eagerly agreed straight away, explaining he had the music on his phone, again I found this odd seeing as he is a heavy metal fan. I needed only a little bit more persuasion before I agreed.

We sang through the song noticing Serena was taking photos I didn’t think anything of it, then at the end of the song Mark switches the music off, which he always did as he said we NEVER needed to practice the proposal. As Serena was asking why, Mark turned round and said “I thought we should finish the song off properly today”! I still didn’t realise till he got down on one knee and blew me away! As you can see I was in complete shock. A well worked out plan ended with the happiest day of our lives.

Mark is my best friend, my soul mate, my one true love, my Prince Charming.

Photography by Serena Taylor from Image Newcastle
More information on Mark’s proposal can be found through Music Newcastle