Shane Co. Couple – Brian & Michelle's "Frozen" Marriage Proposal

Michelle and I have been dating for over four years and I always knew I wanted Shane Co. to be the place I got her ring.

Michelle and I got engaged May 25, 2014. It was a princess-themed proposal with elements of Disney’s recent movie Frozen thrown in.

I went to my local Shane Co. and found the perfect ring. It was a beautiful white gold engagement ring with a diamond-studded woven design on top around the center diamond. I placed it inside a special princess-themed box for her.

I had a friend take Michelle out for coffee while I delivered a custom-made Frozen-style ball gown to her house. She arrived back home and then dressed up as a princess for what she thought was going to be our 4th year anniversary dinner.

Meanwhile, I dressed up as a prince and got my trusty steed transported to the Castle Marne Inn in Denver, CO (because what’s a prince without his steed and castle?).

A friend dropped Michelle off at the castle and told her to go inside. I was positioned behind the castle out of view. Inside she received a note with a map detailing where to meet me.

She came outside and I rode up on my trusty paint horse, Romeo. I dismounted and proposed to her outside the castle under a vine arch with the following poem:

“Michelle Lynn, You are my best friend. The one that I love sent from God above. You’re gorgeous and smart; you’ve stolen my heart. To you, no one compares, and so this I swear: To love you until forever. To work for us together. To serve you selflessly, and cherish you eternally. So now I ask of you, to make my dreams come true, and make me the happiest man by giving me your hand. Michelle, will you marry me?”

She was so surprised but happily said “YES!” She loves the ring and even the princess-themed box that I gave it to her in. I had a ton of fun planning the proposal. We love being engaged and couldn’t be happier. -Brian Davis

P.S. After the proposal, we made a short video.


Here’s the ring!