He Surprised Her With a Puppy—and an Engagement Ring

Free Puppy Turns into Marriage Proposal

How We Met

One day my friend Angie and I were sitting in the food court on campus when a gorgeous blue eyed boy stopped at our table and started talking to her about work, and casually introducing himself to me. When he left I said, “Hey Ang he is so cute, date him!” She said she was already dating someone, and the conversation ended. The next day in class Angie walked in with a huge grin on her face and revealed that she had told Kyle that I said he was super cute and that he had felt the same way. So phone numbers were exchanged, and the rest is history…

how they asked

We had been planning on going to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point for about a week. But on that day it started snowing out of nowhere. We decided to brave the snow and go anyways. We had the garden all to ourselves and the gorgeous white kissed tulips were breathtaking. When we were leaving he said he wanted to stop in the gift store, which was weird, because all they have there is gardening things, and he is far from a gardening man. When we walked out the doors I saw a little dog carrier with a sign that said “FREE PUPPY.” I love puppies. I was so sad for the poor fluffball, it was freezing!


I opened it up and cuddled it for a little bit before realizing that there was a small envelope tied to it’s collar. I opened the envelope and inside was a note that said “TURN AROUND.” I turned around and there were those bright blue eyes, looking up at me from down on one knee.

Free Puppy Turns into Marriage Proposal

He said the sweetest things and asked me if I would marry him. Of course I said yes and hugged him as tight as possible while still holding the pup. That’s when I saw my best friends and his best friend pop out of the bushes, they had been there taking pictures the whole time! Happiest I’ve ever been.

Free Puppy Turns into Marriage Proposal

Free Puppy Turns into Marriage Proposal

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