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How We Met

Many people say that when you meet “the one”, you know and it feels like love at first sight… I would love to say this is our story but things panned out a little differently. The story begins in Chico State where both of us went to school, but at that point in our lives our paths did not cross. It was not until a fateful New Years Eve a few years later where we first met (Frankie having a girls night & myself having a boys night) – it was a short interaction but Frankie caught my eye. I left that night not knowing this was the day I met my future wife. We went our separate ways, but fate had a different plan in mind! Soon after New Years Eve I decided to make a drastic career change, which luckily landed me at a company that Frankie happen to also work!

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I planned a weekend trip away for the two of us to Donner Lake, where my family has been spending summers and winters ever since I can remember. We get to Northstar Resort, and I tell Frankie that we need to get ready for dinner. Little does she know, I have my photographer and proposal coordinator texting me that the dock on Donner Lake is ready for us and it is proposal time.

Frankie and Marcus's Engagement in California

On the way to “dinner”, I am quiet for the first time in my life and I have butterflies in my stomach. We pull up to the lake and park with a 1/4 mile walk ahead of us to the dock. As we walk up, I turn and head down to the end of the flower and candle lined dock where Frankie answered the most important question that I have ever asked – She said YES!!

Frankie’s ring is very close to my heart. The diamond is a family stone from my Mom’s side – it has been in the family for a few generations. The European round cut that I put into a custom setting, fits the style of Frankie to a T.

The next morning I had something special planned, so I blind folded Frankie and drove 2 hours to Lake Almanor where we walked into a weekend full of love! All of our friends were waiting for us to celebrate!

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