Franki and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Santa Barbara

How We Met

Just over four years ago I was getting out of a very terrible relationship. I had been cheated on and body shamed which resulted in a very insecure, Franki. I decided to take a year to work on me. I focused on my career, I read books, I concentrated more on my friendships, my goal was to feel good in my own skin again. Before I went to bed every night I would write down how my day went (the good the bad the struggle), what I was grateful for and then finish off with five things I want in my life. My list of five things always finished like this, “I want a man who loves me for me, treats me the way I deserve to be treated, a man who I am crazy about and want to spend my life with”. For the next nine months, my life was picking up, I started to feel amazing, I still wasn’t dating but had now flirted with the possibility. After a really fun, productive, and long day at work I walked outside to go get my car and drive home. I noticed a strange dent on the side of my car and thought “you’ve got to be kidding me, someone hit my car!” But then I noticed a piece of paper on my windshield under the wiper. It read, “hit your bumper a bit. Sorry, if you need to reach me here’s my number” I proceeded to call him and said “hi, this is Franki…you hit my car” we ended up meeting up (I was like, holy crap this guy is hot!!!) he needed to asses the damage. I took the car to the auto shop, gave him a quote, he came back two days later said “how does $200 sound” I said “sounds great, want to grab a coffee!?” We went for coffee, he walked me back to my place and I said “maybe you should ask me out sometime”. The rest my friends, is history!

how they asked

Nicks parents live in Santa Barbara so, it’s always a beautiful place for us to go for the weekend. This weekend his sister and brother in law were going to be in town from Texas so it was extra special! It was a Friday afternoon and we were already supposed to be on the road. It just so happened I had this impromptu dental procedure done that left my mouth COMPLETELY numb, like, I couldn’t even talk! I got home, bawling my eyes out because I wanted to make sure I could still taste the wine when we start wine tasting in Santa Barbara..nick assured me it was all good and we should get going. We hit the road and finally arrived in SB. He showed me out of the car so the family could give me the side eye for being late while he parked the car. We did a little wine tasting and then decided to walk to the pier. Nicks dad said “guys, we’re all together so let’s take some pictures on the beach” as I rolled my eyes I said “okay, whatever you want Chuck, let’s do it”. We started walking towards the water and while everyone is stopping to snap pictures of each other nick and I continue walking. Finally, we stop and I say, “can you take a picture of me for Instagram?” He takes my phone, whispers in my ear “do you know how much I love you?” I’m like “duh”. I turn around to smile for my photo and there he was on one knee, “will you marry me?” For about 7 minutes all I could say was “shut the F$&@ up!” And “are you f$&@ing kidding me!” I eventually said, “f$&@ yeah!” Still, in complete shock, I turn around to see nicks family and there were my parents flown in from Vancouver to celebrate this incredible time. I lost it. We partied all weekend and we are now set to get married on October 19, 2019. I think I’m still in shock…but I’ll come around!