Frank and Yessenia

Frank's Proposal in Venice, Italy

How We Met

Frank and I met in high school. We started off as friends until we ended up having Spanish class together. He was a senior and I was a junior and we started passing notes to one another in class. Our feelings for each other were mutual (and obvious) and luckily, he asked me to his senior prom. On June 2, 2012, we attended his prom at the Disneyland Resort Hotel and that’s where he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was the best night ever—the rest is history!

Proposal Ideas Venice, Italy

How They Asked

It all began months ago (I was just not aware of it) but in May, Frank surprised me with booked tickets to Italy! I cried because it’s been a dream for me and he had dropped the news when we went out to lunch. We were out in public so I had to hold back the tears and screams but I was so excited! So all we could both think of was this trip to Italy. We started to make our itinerary for the trip and I guess this was his chance to choose where he wanted to propose. I had no idea he’d been planning to propose for a while now. Frank is not good at keeping surprises from me. He will usually grow impatient and drop the bomb. I am surprised he kept the proposal from me for that long! (6 months to be exact)!

September 9th, 2019

We were in Venice, Italy. We decided to visit because it’s known as the most romantic city in the world & it turned out to be just that. It was around sunset that we both decided to take our gondola ride. The lighting, weather & ambiance was perfect. Frank had it all planned out. So we boarded our gondola and our gondola man was in on it. As we went through the quaint, beautiful canals he kept distracting us (mainly me) with information about Venice. It was a little strange thinking back to it because usually, the gondola rides are quiet. Anyways, we had the canals all to ourselves. There was no gondola traffic and it was quite peaceful and romantic. As we passed under the last bridge, Frank offered to take a picture of me on the gondola and once I stood up to walk to the other side he asked me to stay standing up.

However, clumsy me decided to sit down on the bench— when suddenly I turn around (to pose for the picture) and there he was on one knee holding the ring in his hand! My heart dropped! I didn’t know whether to scream, cry, or laugh! I literally froze up and cried. I couldn’t believe it and then I finally said YES & gave him my hand and he placed the ring on my finger! My heart was full. It was truly the most romantic moment for both of us. I will never forget this moment, this day, or this experience. I was proposed to in the most romantic city in the world.