Frank and Marcella

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How We Met

Me and my now fiancé met on the dating app Hinge 2 years ago. We liked each other’s photos and about 3 weeks later we decided to meet up. She was celebrating her cousin’s birthday that night at a BBQ and asked if I wanted to come by for it. I was a bit hesitant at first because all of her friends & family were going to be there and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to meet all of them the first night I met her! I said to her “let me know when you leave the bbq and we can meet up at a bar or something” a neutral location just me & her without family.

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But being that my now fiancé is very stubborn, she was adamant I come to the BBQ. “Just comeee! It will be fun!” So I said OK fine and I agreed. I got there and not surprising to me mostly everyone that she was close to was there. Sisters, nephews, cousins, best friends…you name it. So, not only did I meet her on the first date, I met most of the people who were close to her as well… you know, not intimidating at all right LOL. But, the night turned out amazing, better than I expected. Everyone welcomed me, this outsider, with open arms and made me feel comfortable & at home. That feeling never left from that night and here we are 2 years later ENGAGED!

How They Asked

This amazing, storybook proposal happened a little over a week ago on June 21, 2020. It felt like the stars aligned that day because it was Father’s Day & it also just happened to be her mom’s birthday! My now fiancé has 5 nephews that she adores so I thought it would be so meaningful & special to her to incorporate them somehow in the proposal. It just so happened that “Will You Marry Me ?” is 4 words & a punctuation mark all in one to make 5!

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And her youngest, little Ronnie, would hold the question mark. So, I, her sisters, and her cousin set up the surprise that day in the backyard with her family present and my Father & stepmom as well to “celebrate Father’s Day” LOL. Little did she know she was getting engaged!

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The distraction worked perfectly, the set up with her nephews worked perfectly, THE RING came out perfectly, and the weather held up perfectly for us. My vision was flawlessly executed and it made for a one of kind proposal, incorporating her nephews for that unforgettable moment that will last an eternity.

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Special Thanks

Jesse Rinka
 | Photographer