Frank and Jamie

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How We Met

Jamie and I met about 4 years ago through a mutual friend at a St. Patty’s Day Parade, we were friends for about 2 years and we started hanging out more and realized that we had something more than just friendship.

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how they asked

Jamie, Riley, and I were going to get professional pictures taken in Maryland, but she didn’t know Riley and I could keep a secret as good as this one… We ended up on Sugarloaf Mountain by the end of the night just near sunset and Leigh Anne (photographer) had asked Riley to pretend that he’s whispering a secret in Mommy’s ear and that’s exactly what he did.

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“Mommy, will you marry Frank?” Jamie had no idea what he was talking about so he repeated himself and she finally turned around and with Riley’s permission, I asked to marry his Mommy…

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