Amanda and Frank

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How We Met

I was sitting my hairdressers looking through OkCupid when I came across a blue avatar with abs (yes, he was blue). I sent him a message, intrigued to find out what this man in blue was all about. According to Frankie, upon receiving my message, thought I was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. We had a great conversation about how I loved the New York Giants, and how Frankie hated them (staying true to his Philadelphia ties as an Eagles fan). We met for our first date at Matchbox in Chinatown, DC, where I stated I could eat a whole pie on my own… (I ate 2 slices, and Frankie finished the pie… no surprise here). We had fun at dinner, and decided to bowl at Lucky Strike. After a couple of games of getting his butt whooped (because I wins 99% of the time when it comes to bowling), and Frankie claiming he let me win because he is such a gentleman, we walked the city streets on a mission to find another venue, but soon realized most places close early on Sundays in Washington, DC.

I helped Frankie look for his beater car (which he climbed into through the passenger side) and walked myself home. Frankie wanted to give me a ride home; however, the car was not safe for any human to drive in, so he felt it more gentleman-like to wait until he had a safer ride before offering his beautiful new date a ride home. I, not so phased by this, had a good time but never thought Frankie would be interested in another date (not knowing that Frankie was totally into me, and knew right from the start that we had something special. Date 2 came, and we went to Hill Country BBQ where we ate and listened to Woody Pines. I bumped into some younger sorority sisters who said, “Wow, you guys look like you’ve been together for years…you’re gonna get married!” I had a great time with Frankie, but couldn’t read whether he was interested in me as more than a friend.

Date 3, we went to a Gala together (our first picture together, above), followed by some hot chocolate, and the annual circus elephant walk through DC. Some of the most romantic dates I had been on, but still no move from Frankie.. not even a kiss. Frankie did not want to mess things up, because he knew that there was something special cooking, and like any other culinary masterpiece, timing is everything. It took a little push to get him to finally kiss me by Date 4, which consisted of going to a movie and then to the casino in West Virginia until 6:00a (my bedtime is usually 9:30pm, so Frankie knew that I was really into him when I agreed to go out so late). Who would’ve guessed that Frankie was nervous because he knew we had something so special, and now our love grows stronger every single day.

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how they asked

I had believed that I was getting dinner to celebrate my Granny’s birthday in Hoboken at Amanda’s Restaurant. After many phone calls to my grandma on what to wear, whether or not to bring cupcakes, I began to run late and panicked. I called up my Granny (who did not answer), then called up Frankie to let him know I was on my way (just barely parking). 20 minutes late, I came in a sweat through the door and was shown to the table. Walking through an aisle of roses, it still hadn’t dawned on me.

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I saw a table of hundreds of photographs scattered, and a few framed.

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I noticed huge balloons (a wedding ring and two “love” hearts). Still oblivious, I glanced at the photos and finally it clicked… “ohh, that’s me!”…

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I saw Frankie with a huge smile on his face. This was the moment, and it was so special for both of us. And yes, he got down on one knee.

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