Frania L. and Salvador

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How We Met

A couple years ago, I was attending Veritas High School. There was a guy named Salvador, who was a senior that would always talk to my friends, but since we were juniors we had no classes together. At first I thought “this kid seems really stuck up” since he always said hi and talked to everyone around but me. I didn’t mind it though. At the time I was always with my own little group of friends and he was with his. Back then Salvador had a girlfriend as well. A year goes by and this familiar face pops up on my Facebook newsfeed as I was looking for someone to go with me to the Taylor Swift. Somehow he had proposed to drive me there and said he liked her too. The rest is history… a couple dates later and I was hooked. Two months after dating, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I was just so happy.

how they asked

On September of 2018, my then boyfriend suggested we take a trip to Colorado for my 23rd birthday which would be the following month. I agreed, as I hadn’t taken a vacation in a while and I thought it wouldn’t hurt since I had some vacation days for work. October 23rd came and we headed on our way to Denver, which would be a long drive from our hometown of Milwaukee, WI. We arrived there the day of my birthday October 25th. I was so excited as I had never been there and really wanted to go on a real hike. The first night we just relaxed after the exhausting trip there. The second day, we started our morning with breakfast in a cute little cafe, shopped a bit in Downtown Denver, explored the city, had some drinks in our hotel’s restaurant and enjoyed a nice birthday dinner for me in a delicious Italian place (as that is my favorite).

On our third day, we finally went on our way to Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs. It was such a wonderful experience and I didn’t think this trip could get any better. I was obviously wrong. As I continued this trip, on our fourth day in Colorado, on October 28th, 2018 we decided to visit the Rocky Mountains. The gorgeous scenery would only be part of the beauty of this day for sure. As we were headed back down from the Rocky Mountains, my now fiance suggested we stop by Dream Lake. That way we could take some photographs as we wouldn’t get a chance to do this again anytime soon. He asked to do all sorts of pictures, some with him and some of us individually with his professional camera.

At the end of his “photoshoot” he told me to take some just admiring the mountains, so that’s exactly what I did. While I looked away, he was getting on one knee (as best as he could with the rocks beneath us) and started saying that “we were ready for the next step…” After hearing that my heartbeat started going a million per hour as we had already talked about this before but I didn’t think it would happen here. He continued to explain how much he loved me and that he wanted to be with me forever nervously. It was the cutest thing ever. As he did that, he opens the little black box and I could not believe my eyes. It was a beautiful Fred Meyer Jewelers ring, designed by my best friend (who worked at the jewelry store) and my fiance. I am so in love with him and cannot wait to share my life with him! He literally created a “dream” proposal and custom-made the most gorgeous of rings!

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