Lilian and Francisco

How We Met: We both worked in retail back in the day. The first first time we interacted, he came into my store and asked for shipping tape. He swears that I was checking him out, but I know I wasn’t. I was annoyed at the fact that I had to go all the way to the back to get the tape.

A few weeks later, I was checking him out, haha. I just came back from Florida and he from Cancun, it was time to party back home and I saw him at the club. I wanted to dance so I was scanning the floor for a potential dance partner.. he was off to the side, by himself, moving to the music. I approached him and introduced myself, he introduced himself, we shook hands, and danced all night.

That was our first beginning. We dated for 2 years. We were young, we were on and off, but then off for good.. or so we thought.

3 years later, I took a job transfer with my then employer.. to wonderful Pennsylvania. It was a great opportunity, more money, more exposure, finally out on my own, sure I said, why not! Before I left that September, I found myself writing an email. Why I choose to write that email i dont know, but i sent an email to Francisco. It was a casual “hey, how are you, how’s it going.”

A few days later he responded and the emails became phone calls and texts. We finally saw each other again for the first time Thanksgiving Eve.. and the butterflies came right back in full force. We talked.. all night. The visits back home became more frequent, he got to know PA and before we know it we are in a “long distance relationship.” I only stayed in PA for 2 years when we both knew my heart belonged to him and it belonged back in NY.

We always had those “when we get married,” “at our wedding,” “for our wedding we want..” conversations. Belonging to a large group of couples (all his High School Boys), some married, some engaged, some getting engaged, wedding and marriage was always in the forefront. Our first date the second time around was to a wedding! It was no secret we both wanted to get married and would get married.. but we also wanted kids, and due to medical complications, that took priority over the wedding.

With the help of fertilization specialists, we were able to conceive and our blessing of Sofia Isabella arrived on Sept 3, 2013.

how they asked: While pregnant, some members of the group were discussing going on a Disney Cruise. Doing that math, we figured our baby would be over 1 yrs old, and even thought she wouldnt remember the trip, it would be a fun first family trip, and we’d have the pics to show her, lol. So we booked the trip April 2014.

That same month, one of his best friends was ready to buy a ring for his girlfriend and asked Francisco to go with him. I joked with myself and said oh, what if this is a cover up and he’s really going to buy MY ring. After all his friend asked me for my ring size, why would he need my ring size! Then again he asked as he was trying to figure out his girlfriends size. So I was going back and forth with myself, but then finally put that to rest when they came home and his friend shared with me some paperwork about the ring he just bought. Oh well.

Now mind you, I am a freak. In terms of I would go to bed and YouTube marriage proposals almost EVERY night and crying though most; then thinking about how my proposal would go. Thats how i also stumbled on this webpage. Some days i forced myself to stop thinking id ruin my own proposal from looking at so many, setting standards, expectations, etc..

CRUISE TIME! Finally! A year after booking, it was time to set sail. It was suuuch a great trip. Great experience, great friends to be with, and even our little Sofia LOVED it. Seeing her dressed up as a Princess to sleeping through the night because she was so exhausted from running around, it was just great. The perfect first family trip.

Our final dinner of the cruise was Feb 28, 2015. Departing from Disney’s Castaway Key. We decided after dinner to go take a group picture on the top deck. But before the group picture, we were going to do family pictures.

We were up first. He was holding Sofia and put her down, I didn’t notice that he was on one knee as I was off to the side. When i looked over to try to pick up Sofia I saw him taking out a blue box from his pants. Now, this blue box could have been a paper clip holder.. but i immediately started crying. I knew it was not a paper clip holder.. lol.. thank god it wasn’t.. I would’ve looked like a such a fool!

Image 1 of Lilian and Francisco

Instead, I looked like a fool crying for a good 2-3 minutes straight. When I finally composed myself and took the wind blown hair out of my tear soaked face, I looked down and Sofia was holding the box with Daddy right behind her and he said “Will you marry us?”

I cried for another 2 mins and finally said yes! we hugged, we kissed, I cried again. Sofia was clapping out of excitement as the rest of the group clapped and cheered on.

Thankfully someone recorded it.. i wouldnt have believed that Sofia dropped the box while i was crying if i didnt see it myself!

Seeing the proposal over and over still brings tears to my eyes.. just like those nights that i YouTube’d proposals. It was my perfect, wouldnt-have-it-any-other-way-proposal and the ring is the exactly-what-I-wanted-but-looks-better-than-I-imagined-ring.