Francisca and Todd

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I can never forget the day I said “Yes to be his wife”. It was July 17, 2016 and he told me to dress up nice because he made dinner reservations. He picked me up from my house and he told me “that he pushed back the dinner reservations to later” so i said “okay thats fine”. As we are driving he was playing songs that the theme was about love and the beach, and the way I am I was singing along to it. haha. He told me that he wanted to show me a place that he had found and wanted to show me, so we went there. We pulled up to the beach in Jupiter and he told me to leave my phone in the car. I was like “why I would like to take pictures it’s a beautiful day”. Anyways I left my phone in the car, as we are walking up to the beach we were taking selfies lol. We got on the beach and i was looking around and I saw a lot of people taking pictures and I told him “this is very nice” As we were walking we got to an area that was set up on the beach and i was like ” babe ummm lets move away from here because that’s not ours. He giggled and he started to tell me how much he cared and loves me and how he wants me to be in his future, as he is telling me this he went on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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I was so surprise that i just had to hide my face as I had the biggest smile on my face hahaha after maybe two seconds i said “YES!” and kissed him like crazy. After I kissed him he told me that he got all this in pictures that he hired a couple to take our engagement pictures.

That made me very happy because I can share these pictures with everyone lol. After introducing myself to Amy and Tam we popped champagne and we started to take our pictures. Later on that day we went out to eat and I still couldn’t believe every thing that happened earlier. After dinner he took me home we were thinking on how to tell my family the good news… but…. when we got to the door my mom opened it and everyone yelled “surprise!” I started to cry lol Todd planned everything and everyone knew about it.

We popped another bottle of champagne and we got to explain our day and took more photos. I can not be any happier on how my life went, I love Todd so much and now i can not wait to 2017 to say “I DO”!!!!!.

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