Francis and Idara

Image 1 of Francis and Idara

how we met

We met at a mutual friend’s wedding. I noticed her standing out so tall and was wondering if she was actually that tall or had a six inches heels on so I decided to go see for myself. It wasn’t about the heels… She’ve some height! Minutes later, I noticed her again and this time her smile was irresistible. I couldn’t stop staring so I decided to take a step further by introducing myself… the moment I held her hands and she turned around and looked straight into my eyes, I knew she would be my wife.

Image 2 of Francis and Idara

how they asked

Francis & Idara dated for 2 years, in these years the longest they were apart from each other were these past 3 months. Francis visited Idara back in Nigeria every other month since they started dating! The three months they were apart was very hard for the both of them and he decided to surprise her with a ring at the airport as soon as she landed in Atlanta, GA and confess his love in front of everyone that was there because he is certain he just cannot spend another minute away from Idara.

Image 3 of Francis and Idara

Image 4 of Francis and Idara

As Idara’s plane landed they immediately begin texting each other, as she still needed to go through customs and retrieve her baggage. Francis was very nervous and his hands felt cold, he also kept pacing around as we took some photos of him by himself while we waited on Idara to arrive.

Image 5 of Francis and Idara

As soon as he saw her his face lit up and he had a smile that ran across his face from one side to the other. Francis passed by me & took her to the middle of the room and got down on one knee and told her that he loved her and that he wanted to be with her forever and never wanted to spend another minute apart!

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Image 9 of Francis and Idara

Idara was so surprised, she couldn’t believe what was happening. She immediately said yes as she hugged him and looked around. You could see the astonishment in her face and happiness in her eyes!

Image 10 of Francis and Idara

Image 11 of Francis and Idara

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