Franchesca and Alex

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how they asked

We have been talking about getting engaged for quite awhile but just weren’t sure when the right time was (or so I thought). It was February 11th and Alex had planned a date night for us. He had to work that day so we planned to get dinner after he got home. I was in the process of getting ready when he came home. He came into our bedroom and kissed me and asked me to come into the living room. When I did, he said me on the couch and started telling me all these sweet things (which wasn’t always out of the norm for him). But he seemed so nervous and not himself, so I knew something was up. When he finally finished talking, he got down on one knee in our living room, pulled out the ring out of his uniform pocket and asked me “Will you be my wife?” It was the most unexpected, romantic and perfect proposal I could’ve asked for! Just us and our dogs. No cameras, no crowds, just us. It was perfect. Now we’re getting married on September 8th and I couldn’t be any more excited to be Mrs. Goumas!

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