Franchell Marianne and Sean Michael

How We Met

I met Mike way back in 2001, we were 10 years old that time. We lived in the same suburb in Manila. He told me that he had a crush on me the first time he saw me but of course, we were too young. Then we didn’t see each other anymore. After 4 years, we were already in high school, I received a message from him (he got my number from our common friend) then we became good friends. We talked every day until one day, he told me that he’s in love with me and I too felt the same way for him. We were schoolmates and we moved to Australia together. We were 11 years as boyfriend-girlfriend before he asked me to marry him.

How They Asked

I had no clue at all about his plans. One morning, I’m on my way to work. My friend asked me to go out for a catch-up and I agreed. Then I didn’t tell him about that (because he can’t stop me from going out haha) then he confronted me (pretending to be mad) and asked me why I didn’t tell him and even ask me where are we going but I just laughed and told him that I knew he’s going to allow me to go out and I don’t know where. That day came, my friend picked me up then we had coffee in Circular Quay and after that, she took me to Observatory where I saw the setup and I saw him waiting for me! I went up and I just have no words. The set up was perfect! I felt like I was in the movie! It was perfect! I couldn’t even hear the words he was uttering. I just can’t get over how he came up with that perfect set up. Then on his knees, with that stunning ring, he didn’t ask me rather he said, “marry me, baby”. We were both in tears because we know how much we have been waiting for that moment.

Special Thanks

my proposal co.
 | Planning
my proposal co.
 | Styling
Kyle Ingram Photography
 | Photographer