Francesca and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met 11 years ago while we were in college. I was working the hostess stand at friends restaurant when he walked in for an interview. I was definitely checking out the future employee while fate had it he was looking my way too! Ryan would tell the story he walked out of the interview and told his friend on the phone, “There’s this girl, there’s something about her.” Shortly after Ryan received the job and we began a friendship. I offered my assistance with his senior art thesis and we began dating immediately. We had found something within each other we had never found before. “Love adds a precious seeing to the eye”- William Shakespeare. Love is the only thing that lets us see all the possibilities of life and each other with crystal clarity. With it, we can look beyond our loved ones limitations and see the gifts and possibilities that no one else had searched quite long enough to find.

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how they asked

Ever since our first date Ryan and I have been movie theater goers. We love to snuggle up and watch the newest release each week. It was only fitting Ryan proposed at our favorite movie theater. We had plans to go to see the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie. My friend Kate joined us and us 3 sat and chatted before the movie started. I noticed no previews were playing and wondered if something was wrong with the projection. As soon as I spoke I looked up screen and saw a scene from the 2006 hit “Inside Man”. (This was our first movie we saw together!)

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I wondered why such an old movie was playing then I saw Ryan was on the screen. He had edited himself into the movie where Clive Owen has the diamond. He said, “We know how it started, now that I have the diamond, will you accept this ring and play out the rest of our movie together?” All the sudden a spotlight shines on me and he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”

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I cried “YES!” and everyone in the theater started clapping. I got up and turned around and my friends and family were in the back row watching the entire time. What an amazing love story.

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