Francesca and Omar

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How We Met

Here are few of my favorites pictures of us. We met around 6 years ago when we were both in long term relationships. I would say there was an initial spark when we first met but we were purely amicable had a brief chat and went our separate ways. Two years passed and we happened to bump into each other on a night out both now single. From then on Omar swept me off my feet and here we are 4.5 years later engaged!

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how they asked

We were living in Dubai which was a real test for us as we had packed up our lives in the UK and left our friends, family and dog behind to pursue a new adventure. After a surreal/exciting couple of months we decided that we had enjoyed our time and were thinking of heading back to the UK. It was our last few nights and Omar had mentioned a few days earlier that he was taking me out and I thought we’d be going to this restaurant we had always wanted to go too!

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We got ready and Omar drove us to this beautiful hotel in Jumeriah (Al Qasr) funnily enough where this restaurant was at so I was completely under the illusion that’s where we was going. We arrive at the hotel and are seated into a golf buggy which in Dubai is standard procedure because the hotels are so huge. We got off at the beach where I was then confronted with what was ahead of me. Private dining facing the Burj!

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We had a butler service and a Michelin star meal it was so beautiful and surreal. Omar disappeared off and came back with a rose in his hands and told me to stand up I can’t remember exactly the words he used but I know they were beautiful! I of course said yes. We finished our meal and then sat and drank champagne on the beach – it was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and I will never ever forget it.

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