Francesca and Michael

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York

It’s our tradition to go to a holiday cocktail pop up into the east village and walk around our old neighborhood. This particular day was snowy and cold but we decided it would be fun anyway. Before cocktails we decided to walk by my old apartment and sit on what we liked to call “our bench”. It happened to be SantaCon so we were laughing about what we had seen. Next, Michael became serious and mentioned that this is where we fell in love and I agreed. We had so many special moments on that bench just drinking coffee and laughing. He unbuttoned his jacket and I asked if he was hot because I was sweating a little from our walk haha. Next thing I knew he pulled out a box and I immediately started crying. He got down on one knee in the snow. It was he most magical day ( I still get teary every time I think about it!)

Then popped out my friend who was hiding taking pictures the entire time!!! I’m so surprised about all the thought he put into it!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York