Francesca and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I grew up together. Justin and my older brother were best friends growing up. As long as I can remember, I had a crush on Justin. Little did I know, Justin had a crush on me too! My older brother had told him for a long time that I was off limits to his friends and that Justin could never date me. We both grew up and dated other people throughout the years, but I always kept that flame for Justin.

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My senior year of high school, our families started to attend the same church. We got to know each other even more and spent more time together. Going against my older brother’s wishes, he asked me out! We dated for a while and then Justin broke it off. I was just a senior in high school and Justin was supposed to be my date to my prom. Justin, being a gentlemen, agreed to still go with me to my senior prom.

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I knew that I still had at thing for Justin, and I was afraid that prom was going to make me like him even more. Little did I know, Justin was having all of those same feelings! Justin had later told me that after he broke up with me, he was upset and spoke with his roommate. By the end of the evening Justin admitted that he knew I was the girl he was supposed to marry and that he needed to get me back!

how they asked

I will let Justin take it from here!

Once we got back together, Francesca and I both knew that this was forever. I started saving for the ring immediately. We were both still in school I was working on getting into law school. Once I had finally saved up and got the ring, I emailed the Francesca’s friend who is also a photographer for a meeting.

It was great timing because she had just announced a giveaway on her site! We agreed that we would make it look like Francesca had won the giveaway! Immediately after announcing that Francesca had won, she tried to give it away to her mom as a gift! She is almost too much of a sweetheart! Her mom threw some excuse at her and told her that she should use it for pictures of us since we didn’t have any! Francesca loved that idea! She set it up with Haley, our photographer, and they decided on shooting the photos at Roman Nose State Park in Watonga, Oklahoma.

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She spent the morning with Haley and the makeup artist, Terin Brownen, sharing how she was so excited for these pictures because she knew that she wouldn’t get engaged and have photos done until after I had got into law school, and I hadn’t even received an acceptance letter yet. She mentioned to them “how awesome would it be if it happened today, though…” The photographer and makeup artist did their best to throw her off of the trail, and really crushed her dreams of a proposal when the photographer unintentionally called Justin by the wrong name. She thought “Well if she doesn’t know his name, then they couldn’t have set this up for a proposal.”

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Once we got to to Watonga, we hiked and hiked while I had the ring box hidden in my shoe in a backpack. Since it was the middle of Winter, we brought along a blanket that her grandmother had had and one that mine had made. They were both special to us, and wanted photos with them. The blanket that my grandma made held a little more sentimental value.

She was known for crocheting blankets for the people she loved. She was getting older and more frail and kept saying “Justin, I will finish the blanket I started making for you if it’s the last thing that I do!” I kept telling her there was plenty of time. On the morning that she passed away, we found the blanket folded up on the couch, finished.

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She would have been so proud to see me finally propose to Francesca, and I wanted her to be there somehow. We saved the blanket and the cliff for right at sunset. We spread the blanket out and the photographer said ” Now Justin, wasn’t there a specific picture that you wanted to do?” I dug the ring out of my pocket that I had grabbed from my bag during the last outfit change. As I got down on one knee on the blanket Francesca screamed “ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!?!?!” I asked the girl of my dreams to spend the rest of her days with me, and she said YES!!!

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Now we are planning our wedding, I got into Oklahoma University Law School, and she will graduate from college next year.

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I’m sure we will have that blanket proudly on display in our house and we will try to incorporate it into as many life events as we can!

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Special Thanks

Haley Brownen
 | Photography
Terin Brownen
 | Hair and Makeup
Haley Brownen
 | Planning