Francesca and Dave

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How We Met

Dave and I met on Tinder, both searching for love in a city where we didn’t have many connections. After chatting for a little while online we agreed to a first date and met at a local restaurant. What started as nachos and drinks turned into seven hours of talking, laughing, walking in the cold (it was -40!) and even going to a 24-hour grocery store just so we could spend a bit more time together. At the end, he walked me home, gave me a goodnight kiss on the porch, and I knew I’d be seeing him again.

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I never realized just how much I had been missing in a partner until I met Dave. Suddenly I was with someone who encouraged my silly sense of humor, who made me feel confident in the person I am. Suddenly I was with someone who grounded me enough to put my dreams into action and who I could challenge to turn actions into dreams. It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels and since then we’ve been on countless adventures, had millions of laughs, and have even made some of those dreams a reality.

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how they asked

On December 22nd, 23 months after that first date, Dave and I went on a double date to Casa Loma, a castle/heritage site in Toronto, which was holding a Christmas open house. They had massive Christmas trees designed by local artists, carolers, a skating show, and the grounds had beautiful Christmas light displays and a great view of the city. I LOVE Christmas, and this was like a Christmas wonderland!

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We explored the whole castle, which has beautiful rooms, and finally went out onto the grounds. As we were finding our way to the lower level where all the trees were lit up we came to a tunnel made by arched branches, lit with twinkles lights. It was one of the most beautiful places, and at that moment the skating show had started again nearby so music began playing. I brought Dave over to take a picture, we started walking again, then he stalled, looked at me with an impish knowing smile, and got down on one knee.

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We had been talking about getting married for a little while, and maybe a week or two before I had joked to him by saying “Hey, let’s get married. How ’bout it?”. When he was growing up his Dad had also said that when he’d be interested in a gal and wanting to take the next step he would ask “How ’bout it?”. So Dave got down on one knee, opened a ring box and said “My dear, this is for you. How ’bout it?”, to which I said, “Yeah ’bout it.” Our friends we’d come with (we actually helped with their proposal too!) caught the whole thing on video and we all celebrated by getting our photo taken by one of the hot chocolate vendors and went to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner.

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I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a total surprise. We’d been talking about, I had some suspicions, but it also couldn’t have been more beautiful, more special, and I will never forget that moment when the music came on in that magical place and Dave made another of my dreams come true.

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