Francesca and Christopher

Francesca and Christopher's Engagement in The Statue of Liberty

How We Met

Chris and I met in college and Penn State. WE ARE! We met through his roommate introducing us to each other. Nothing fancy! We were friends for a long time before Chris finally agreed to go on a date with me. :) After that – we were inseparable!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Statue of Liberty

how they asked

Chris and I had booked tickets for my both sets of parents to visit New York City and the Statue of Liberty as a Christmas gift back in December 2016. The date of the trip was set for March 11th, 2017. After tickets were purchased and plans were made, Chris had thought that this would be the perfect setup for him to propose to me with both our families all around. A few days after Christmas, Chris took his mother and went ring shopping. Not only did he see my Pinterest page, but sneakily asked me how I would want to be proposed to. My only rule was that I wanted to be surprised.

And I certainly was! The week leading up to the big family trip was just as I had thought. Chris being anxious about being late to ride the ferry, and my parents wondering what type of bagels they should bring for breakfast. Meanwhile, Chris was really planning the perfect surprise proposal. Both families climbed up and down 60 flights of stairs to see the spectacular view from the crown of The Statue. Little did we know, the best view of all would be at the bottom. We came out of the Statue ready to head back on the ferry, but Chris insisted on taking a few family photos.

After some snapshots with the NYC skyline in the background, I turned around to find Chris down on one knee waiting for me with the most beautiful ring I could possibly imagine! The surprises were not over yet, however!

He had called my best friend and his older brother and wife to join us for dinner, so everyone that we loved would be in one place to celebrate us. The day could not have been anymore perfect!

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