Francesca and Christopher

How We Met

Chris and I first met in middle school. I was in 6th grade and he was in 7th. He was my TA in P.E. I had the biggest crush on him but of course he wasn’t going to notice a 6th grader. When that class was over, so was that relationship. The relationship that never existed. Fast forward a few years to high school, now he was a junior and I was a sophomore. We had mutual friends so every once in a while we would hang out, he really did not like me at this point. Then after we both graduated high school, we were two of the select few who actually stayed in Lake Tahoe so we settled our differences and ended up becoming best friends. He had tried to start a relationship with me a few times from 2011-2014 but I just was not having it. It wasn’t until December of 2014 that we went out with a bunch of our friends that I looked at him and said to myself, “what am I thinking?! I’m in love with this man.” Less than two month later we were officially a couple and the rest is history.

how they asked

I was away in Georgia when Chris asked me if we could go to the top of Cave Rock when I got back to take some pictures with our dog since we hadn’t taken any with him since he was a puppy and because he (chris) had never been up to cave rock. Without any I thought I said yeah sure. So the day after I get back we venture to the top of cave rock. When we get to the top, our dog Rhett, starts heading to the edge of the cliff while I start freaking out and calling him to come over to me. Chris kind of pushes me away and says, “I’ll go get him.” So I turn around to see the view of the lake and in front of me is a picture frame with pictures of us and a picnic basket with champagne and champagne flutes. I got really confused and started asking Chris, “When did you get this up here? How did you get this up here?” Then I turned around and saw my best friend hiding behind a rock with a camera, which is why my dog ran over to the cliff. He could smell her and he loves her and wanted to see her. That’s also why Chris pushed me away from getting him, so I wouldn’t see her. When I turned back around to see Chris, he was getting on one knee. He said “I love you more than anything and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” “YES.”

Proposal Ideas Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe

Francesca and Christopher's Engagement in Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe

Francesca's Proposal in Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe

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