Frances and Ryan

Frances's Proposal in Tye Haus in Skykomish, Washington

How We Met

Ryan and I met in the 3rd grade. We went to different schools but met through the school district band program. He played the trumpet and I played the clarinet. We knew of each other, but we kept to the company of our respective schoolmates. Twenty years later I created a new Facebook account after a break-up, as one does and I sent him a friend request. He accepted and after many likes and comments on each other’s posts, we planned to meet up for chamangos. We were supposed to meet at a shop, but he was at a party he couldn’t get away from, so I went to him and brought him a chamango. For never exchanging words as band geeks, we were able to catch up like old friends without missing a beat. After that encounter, we invited each other out on multiple occasions to hang out with friends and also just with one another. We went to the county fair together to meet up with his friends, but they didn’t end up coming, so it was just us two. After the fair, we watched a movie and he had me home by 9 pm because he thought I had a curfew. There were plenty of nights of clubbing (which I learned later he wasn’t a fan of), meeting up for Korean BBQ and soju to destress from school, and Ryan visiting me during my meal breaks during study groups. I was not looking to get into a relationship, especially since I was in nursing school, but all that changed as we learned more about each other.

How They Asked

Fast forward to March 2019. We had recently celebrated our 7th dating anniversary, traveled loads together, and just signed a lease for our first apartment that we would move into in May. Since Ryan is a teacher, we booked a trip to Portland and a couple of days in Skykomish, Washington during his Spring Break. I had seen one of my favorite travel bloggers post about her stay at an A-frame cabin with a hot tub in the woods–it just seemed magical and right up my alley! After a couple of days in Portland, we drove up to Skykomish for our 2-night stay. When we arrived, our host notified us that they had just replaced the hot tub and it would take 24 hours for it to heat up. The next morning, the hot tub was still freezing. Ryan was bummed, to say the least. We explored the surrounding towns during the day and when we told the host that the hot tub wasn’t warming up, he kindly allowed us to use the hot tub of his other cabin which was pure bliss! After walking around the village, I suggested to Ryan it was the perfect time to get photos of the cabin since it was golden hour. As per usual we took our traditional couples photos while he set the timer on his camera. I saw he propped his second camera to record, but didn’t think anything of it since we video blog and he likes getting time-lapses. He suggested we take some jump shots in front of the cabin. This wasn’t out of the ordinary so I didn’t think much of it. After multiple tries and not having a clue of what was going to happen, I jumped and found Ryan down on one knee asking me to be his adventure partner for life! After multiple ‘whoa’ and what the hell’, I said, YES! I guess he originally planned the hot tub to be part of the proposal, but everything worked out in the end and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Video