Frances and Jose

How We Met

Frances and I met in the Spring of 2005 on The University of Pennsylvania’s campus during a fundraiser. At the time, I was a senior at Temple University and she was a sophomore at UPENN. From the moment I laid eyes on her I thought she was beautiful. We chatted for a bit and hung out a few times after that, but lost touch as I graduated and started other chapters in my life. We kept in touch periodically through the occasional message on Facebook and it wasn’t until earlier this year that we reconnected and sparks flew.

I asked her her out for coffee and the rest is history. Since then, my life has been a blast, the adventures plentiful and each moment so much richer, knowing that I’ve found my other half…

Image 1 of Frances and Jose

Image 2 of Frances and Jose

how they asked

As a Philly guy for most of my life and despite several visits and trips to NYC, I had never been to Central Park. One day, Frances surprised me with a day’s worth of touring NYC to let me get a glimpse of what life as a New Yorker was like. As we walked through Central Park, we noticed a romantic private picnic being put together by an event company. Frances loved what she saw and thought it was elegant and romantic. From that point on, I knew told myself that I would propose to her in a similar fashion. So, I reached out to my closest friends and started “Operation Put A Ring On It”.

My friends and family all played a part in the proposal. I tricked Frances into coming down to Philly by having a friend photoshop an event ticket admitting two to a private event at the Art Museum, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. My friends came from DC and NYC, each with an element to the picnic, while my mom sowed the fabric for the cushions and hauled all of the items to the art museum, while I distracted Frances and got ready for the event.

Image 3 of Frances and Jose

As we walked up to the picnic, I told Frances that this was actually a special event celebrating our love. I asked her to sit down, but she refused as she stood there in shock, while her favorite singer Melody Gardot played in the background. I then got down on one knee and reiterated my love for her and the impact she’s had on my life and asked her to make me the happiest man alive by spending the rest of her life with me.

After she said yes, all of my friends and family jumped out of the bushes, congratulated us and opened bottles of champagne to celebrate. From there we all left for a celebratory dinner where I had her sister, niece and brother-in-law waiting for her…

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