Frances and Antonio

How We Met: We met when we had 16 years old, it was love at first sight (I believe in that♥)…couple of weeks later we started dating for the first time. We were so young for an stable and formal relationship so we ended twice. After several years without seeing each other our paths met again in 2011 and we became the best friends everybody wishes they have. We’ve been together since January 27th, 2013♥. This is the third time we are together in our lifes, but now is different to the other ones…we grew up…I guess this is a signal.

how they asked: I’ve been living outside the country for about 4 months… so I planned to go visit my family in Dominican Republic and surprise them for my grandfather’s 99th Birthday party!!! The only one that knew I was coming was my boyfriend, so he planned the “Perfect Proposal♥” just for me with the help of all my family and friends.


At the end I realized everyone knew I was coming…I wanted to surprise them and I ended being the one they surprised to!!

I leaved the country with a lovely Ring in my left hand and a Fiance♥.2