Franca and Leonard

How We Met

Leonard and I met four years ago, during our first year of law school at Drexel University School of Law in Philadelphia. I sat in front of him in our Torts class but we never really talked. One day our professor used the phrase, “six in one, half a dozen in the other,” and I heard Leonard tell his buddy that he never really understood those sayings. So, I turned around in the middle of class and explained it to him (I just couldn’t help myself). After that, I found out that he had a crush on me the whole time! We eventually went out on a few dates and the rest is history! We graduated together, passed the bar exam together and now we’re planning our wedding!

how they asked

Before I tell how Leonard popped the question, I need to share a little about myself. Growing up, I didn’t get to see my dad all of the time so I would watch all of the Rocky movies on repeat because I thought my dad resembled Sly, so for me, it was like my dad was in the movie (kids do silly things, right??). Rocky II was always my favorite because Rocky gets married, has a baby and eventually wins the title. I even saved newspaper clippings of how one Rocky fan proposed to his fiancée in front of the tiger exhibit at the Philly Zoo just like Rocky proposed to Adrian in Rocky II. Needless to say, it’s one of my favorite movies – plus I’m a South Philadelphia native. Anyway, about a month before Leonard proposed, he told me that he had a work event that we needed to attend at the Philadelphia Art Museum on May 17th. I was so excited, figured it was something different to do. So that day after work (we both work in offices near the museum), we grabbed drinks and headed over to the Museum.

Where to Propose in Philadelphia Museum of Art

On our way there, he told me that he wanted us to take a picture with the Rocky statue which is at the bottom of the museum steps. I honestly didn’t want to take a picture because I felt that it was a little touristy and we were both from the city, but he insisted so we waited in line (with the tourists haha). When it was our turn to take the picture, he bent down on one knee while quoting the lines from the proposal scene in Rocky II: “what are you doing for the next 40 or 50 years because I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me?” I was so surprised!

Proposal Ideas Philadelphia Museum of Art

Of course, I said yes! and then started jumping up and down screaming about how it was favorite movie. All of the other people waiting in line started to clap for us so we took a group photo with the statue! Leonard’s sister also hired a photographer to capture the entire proposal and then stay for engagement shoot photos! Afterward, we headed over to our neighborhood bar where all of our family and friends were waiting for us with champagne!

Special Thanks

Michele Moran