Fowler and Trent

how we met

Once upon a time…we were set up by our roommates. Trent had just moved to Atlanta from Statesboro, Georgia and was living with a buddy from college. It was just my luck that Trent’s new roommate was my roommates best friend from high school. They knew from the start that we would be good together and it turns out they were right. A few days later, while we were out with some friends, we met and hit it off!

how they asked

Our proposal took place in Washington DC in front of the Lincoln Memorial with the Reflection Pool and Washington Monument in the background. We had been planning to take a trip for a while, and finally decided on DC. We flew in on Thursday evening from our home in Atlanta.Friday morning I woke up a bit early and moved the ring from the dock kit where it had been hiding to the ring box that was in a shoe in my suitcase. Shortly after, Fowler woke up and we were on our way to a coffee shop close to our hotel at the Wharf.Following breakfast, we took a Lyft to the Washington Monument. During the ride, as my luck would have it, Fowler decided she didn’t like the color of her recently painted nails and was cleaning them off with nail polish remover. (At this point I knew she was going to be surprised)We arrived in front of the monument and I guided Fowler to the center of the Reflection Pool where I saw our photographer, Megan Rei, setting up. Once we were in position, I told Fowler we were not meeting our tour guide, and that I wanted to tell her something. At that point, I got down on one knee and the rest is history!

Special Thanks

Megan Rei Photography
 | Photography
Lincoln Memorial
 | Location
Reflecting Pool
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