Jon and Lindsey | Fort Worth Marriage Proposal

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Jon and I met in our final semester of architecture school. We had gone to the same university, studying the same major with the same people for three years and it wasn’t until we were almost finished that we crossed paths. The odd thing was that we had several friends in common – my best friend even knew Jon and had hung out with him – but somehow from 2007-2010 I hadn’t laid eyes on him. And even more interestingly, when I finally did meet Jon, it was the very first time since 2007 that I had been single.
When I walked into my final senior design studio in August of ‘10 I saw him immediately and thought – ‘Who is this cute guy? I’ve never seen him before; he must be a transfer or grad student from another school.’

He noticed me too and made that pretty clear as he sat down at the desk right next to me. As we were leaving class we were caught in that awkward – walking in the same direction next to one another but not “together” thing. I broke the silence by asking him what school he had gone to before UTA – that’s when we realized we had been buzzing around the same building for 3+ years, all hours of the night without having ever met. It was unreal.

It wasn’t more than two weeks into the semester that we started dating, and by the 1st month I knew I had found the one. I had never been an extreme romantic before; I was under the impression that it took a lot of time to figure out whether or not you loved someone or if they were right for you. Jon definitely proved me wrong.

We both graduated that December with our Bachelors of Science in Architecture and soon after I went to work for David Sutherland, Inc. and Jon started working for himself, doing small design projects and construction. By the Fall of 2012 Jon went back to school to get his Master’s in Architecture and for a majority of 2013 my sister and her two babies lived with me and I got to experience a taste of parenthood.

Between work, school, helping out with family and other various things we (and by ‘we’ I mostly mean Jon) put off getting married until the dust settled. Well, the dust settled just in time to kick it back up again. Three weeks before Jon walked across the stage to receive his Graduate degree he proposed to me in the most special and awe-inspiring way. I know it may not be for everyone – too public, too involved… but he knew it was exactly what would make me feel special. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself.

We had an early dinner reservation in downtown Fort Worth at a restaurant, Grace, we had been to once before and completely fell in love with – the atmosphere, the service, and OH MY GOSH the food. We were both pleasantly surprised that everything was just as good as the first time; we had built it up so much in our minds we thought it wouldn’t have been possible.

Since dinner was at 6pm, we had talked about walking around downtown Fort Worth afterward. Jon had already spoken to the manager and asked that she suggest we go to the Fort Worth Water Gardens because there would be live music playing. I completely fed into the idea, not thinking anything of it – at first.

We left the restaurant and walked a couple blocks to the Water Gardens and by this point I was pretty suspicious – looking around for some clue that might give it away. There was nothing… I didn’t even hear any music or see a band. We were then asked to take a photo of a couple strangers, so I thought – they were actually in on it! Afterward they, and several other people I didn’t know, started walking up what is called “The Mountain”. The entire gardens is an architectural maze of hardscapes, ponds, and waterfalls – it’s beautiful. The Mountain is the highest point in the gardens, a stepped up pyramid with a flat plateau at the top. We followed along assuming they all knew something we didn’t – which was true only for me.

When we got to the top there was a violinist and a cello player. I soon realized they weren’t here to play for the public, they were here to play for me. They started a second song and as soon as I recognized it as “Stranger” – our song, which we had heard for the first time together the semester we met – I lost it.

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Jon and I danced on top of The Mountain while I cried into his chest. With him doing so much: finishing grad school, working for himself and for an architecture firm all at once, being a boyfriend, uncle, son, and brother – how did he have time to arrange this?

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Once the song was over he pulled away from me and got down on one knee – waterworks from me again of course. He expressed his love for me and asked if I would be his wife. I honestly can’t remember saying yes, I just remember bending down and kissing him, he says I did verbally agree as well.

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He pulled the most beautiful ring out of his jacket pocket and put it on my finger. I didn’t even look at it much that night, I was so emotionally overwhelmed with everything going on, but I haven’t stopped looking at it since! He had the ring custom made to my specifications – something we had talked about over a year prior to this night.

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Sometime while Jon was down on one knee I noticed a super fast ninja darting around us, snapping pictures. It was Brant Smith – a photographer I had been obsessing over for the last 2 years, always sending the latest engagement session sneak peek to Jon to view. Surprises were popping up out of thin air at this point.

Once he got up, we headed to the edge of The Mountain to walk down when I saw 35+ people waving and cheering for us. He had invited his and my entire family and our close friends. Some came from 3-4 hours away to share that moment with us.

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Still bawling, I made it down the mountain to hug all of the people I care most about in this world. We made a prayer circle and my future father-in-law thanked our Holy Father for all of our many blessings – too many for me to count.

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Afterward about sixteen of us went to a wine cellar a few blocks away where we had a private room reserved. This was perfect because with the amount of adrenaline and excitement pumping through my veins, there is no way I could have just gone home. I had that opportunity to re-live the moment and really soak it all up.

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From beginning to end it was perfect – more than I ever could have imagined.

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Photos by Brant Smith Photography