Florence and Cédric

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Florence, Italy

How We Met

We met five and a half years ago in Belgium thanks to Tinder!

It’s not a very surprising way to meet someone and nobody really believes we could find the love of our life with an app. But anyway… we fell in love very quickly. I was 21 and finishing my studies to become a midwife and he was 22, in the middle of his first job year.

We moved into a flat one and a half year later then we bought a house two years ago.

We have a cat together that we love very much.

Florence's Proposal in Florence, Italy

How They Asked

Cédric and I use to travel a lot, around 3 to 4 times a year.

My 27th birthday gift this year was a suitcase because I asked for a new one. But this was not only a suitcase. It was full of 27 other gifts. I was supposed to open one gift a day for 27 days which lead me to September 14th. On that day I knew I was taking the plane to meet him. He was away for work in Vienna and I was supposed to join him there for the weekend. At least that what I read on the ticket… which wasn’t a real one. I discovered at the airport I was not going to Vienna but to Florence in Italy. So romantic!

He invited me to an “early bird breakfast” on Sunday 15th which means we had to be ready at 6 a.m to watch the sunrise before eating.

The place was empty… There was nobody. So I asked him if he was sure of the date and location.

The sky was light pink and the view absolutely amazing. When he kneeled on the ground to propose me, a professional photographer jumped from nowhere and took this amazing picture… I will never forget that moment.

Of course, I said yes ❤️