Flora and Justin

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How We Met

Our story began in Optometry School where Justin and I met the Fall of 2014. The first time we actually interacted was Fall 2015 when we had a lab class together, and it was certainly not in the most romantic way… One day we had a proficiency exam where we were paired up as partners for the test (not by choice). It was a difficult test already in addition to Justin having difficult eyes to work with (everyone was hoping to NOT get him as their partner but I guess you can say I was the “lucky one”).

During the test, Justin was trying to talk to me to keep me calm. However, my brain was racing through all the things I had to do to prepare, “Why was he trying to distract me?” I thought. So I told him “Can we just talk after the test”? That sure shut him up ;) We both passed with flying colors.

Fast forward to January 2016 where we attended our first annual optometry dance together as friends called “Eye Ball” (we like our puns). It truly started out as a friendship that blossomed into more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. Months later Justin finally asked me out on an official date in June 2016.

We couldn’t be more different. He was from the Bay Area and a die-hard Giants Baseball fan. I was from LA and grew up with friends who were Dodgers fans. Interestingly enough, it was our differences that brought us closer. He played baseball growing up and I loved that he wanted to share this passion with me. Somehow I started to wear more orange and black than blue (I even caught my first ball at one of the games!).

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After countless hours spent studying together, going to baseball games to de-stress, experiencing highs and lows of graduate school, and doing long-distance for our rotation sites it brought us so much closer. We supported each other every step of the way on this journey and we both graduated with our doctorates in May of 2018.

Little did I know he was planning something much bigger for us after graduating…

How They Asked

We had our first official date on June 5, 2016, at The Beachcomber in Crystal Cove Beach. This was the exact location where Justin would propose 2 years later…

Justin proposed on 11.11.18 (one day before his birthday)! He was convinced that this was the best way to propose since I could not say “no” to him on his birthday weekend, and he was right! On the morning of the proposal day, Justin told me he made reservations at the same Crystal Cove Beach cafe where we went on our first date. He said this is where he wanted to celebrate his birthday. When we arrived we were seated at the SAME table we had on our first date 2 years ago (what were the chances?!?!).


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After having brunch, we walked along the beach and reminisced about our first date. We talked of how much our love has grown in just these past two and a half years together. At a certain point, we stopped and he then told me to look out at the ocean because he saw a dolphin (we saw a dolphin on our first date too so I believed him!). Justin also has better vision than I do so I kept searching for a while…

It was not until I turned back around to Justin that I saw him there on one knee!!! (He was distracting me with a fake dolphin sighting so he could get the ring ready!). “HE’S PROPOSING!!!” was all I could process in my head, and I was left speechless!

It was all a blur at that moment. All I could hear was my heart racing as he confessed that he was at the beach the day before finding the perfect spot to propose. Justin told me he was ready to spend forever together and then asked: “Flora, Will You Marry Me?” I just remember saying “ABSOLUTELY YES!!!” ♥️

Proposal Ideas Crystal Cove Beach

He had a photographer hiding on the beach taking our photos the entire time! My sister then joined us after, she and my mom were in on it for an entire month as well as his entire family! He told his family not to post anything on social media the day he got the ring because he did not want me finding out.

Flora's Proposal in Crystal Cove Beach

Words cannot express the adrenaline rush we both had at that time! Justin said he was in baseball game-mode during his proposal speech and everything slowed down for him. It truly was the happiest moment of our lives!!! ?

Special Thanks

Daniel Chyan
 | Photographer