Michelle and Luis | Flash Mob Proposal at the Airport

airport flash mob proposal

How we met: Michelle and Luis met in August of 2010. They were introduced by a friend they have in common. They both blame it on destiny, but love at first sight truly existed in this story. The moment Michelle and Luis laid eyes on each other, they felt a chemistry. A feeling described by Michelle as “a magnet inside her chest that was being pulled on by something in Luis.”

Even though they only spent a few days with each other during Michelle’s August 2010 visit to Dominican Republic, they knew they were meant for each other. Michelle returned to Dominican Republic in September, just 2 weeks after returning from her trip in August. She claims that “love” made her do it. It was during this trip that Luis and Michelle realized their love will last forever. Ever since then, they have made it a tradition to travel every 2-3 months to see each other. Long distance has always been a part of their relationship, but soon they will be inseparable!

how they asked: Because of their relationship being long-distance, the airport has always been a symbolic place for them. So Luis decided to do it there. Michelle had also always wanted to witness a flash mob in person. When talking about the future, Michelle would always joke around with Luis saying she had certain expectations for the proposal. “It has to be in front of our friends. Please record it without me noticing so that I can see my reaction. And I want some of my family to be there”

On December 19, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. all of these elements were combined into one huge, amazing proposal! Luis hired a dance agency to create a flash mob at the airport when Michelle arrived. He made t-shirts that read, “Will you marry me” and each t-shirt was worn by a close friend or family member. When Michelle arrived, she was surprised by the flash mob and family members that were all a part of it.

marriage proposal at airport

flash mob marriage proposal at airport
airport marriage proposal

Photographer: Romel Cuevas // Dancers: Street Dance Crew Agency  //Ring: Groba