Filippo & Riccardo | A Proposal Video with Friends & Family

How We Met: Our love is “love at second sight”. We met for the very first time almost 12 years ago during a volleyball tournament in Milan. We were both in one of those “IT”S COMPLICATED” kind of relationships. I remember exactly that moment. A soft shake of hands, a quick glance into each other’s eyes and a formal “nice to meet you.” After a few months we met again.. but this time was different. His shake was strong and intense. His blue eyes were wide open and looking to meet mine. The world went still for a second and in that very moment we both realized that something magical was about to start. We have been together since then. We lived in 4 different countries and now Sydney is the place we called home.

how they asked: We are both very close to our family & friends that I had to have them be part of this special moment. Since we have family & friends all around the world, I asked them to send me a little video of them holding a white board with something written-on about Riccardo. I joined all the videos and I made a movie.

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I decided to propose showing the video one morning at home. It was already an emotional moment for the two of us. We had been apart for almost 3 weeks and we were both very looking forward to see each other.

I hid myself in the bathroom waiting to hear the sound of his steps getting closer. The minute he walked in I almost fainted, my heart was pumping like crazy. The urge to hug & kiss him was unbearable. His voice was calling my name and a tear of excitement scrolled to my chin. He stopped in the middle of our living room. He was in the right position. I pressed play and the video started. I could hear him giggle. He was enjoying our first pictures together.

His laugh was soft and warm. Surprised & confused at the same time. But when the first video with our friends came out he stopped for a second and his laugh became a sweet soft crying full of emotions. I tried to control my emotions and stay focused and hide till the very end, but tears were keep coming and the sound of him crying was too much for my heart. I decided to run and hug him like never before. We had this long and intense hug full of love and desire to stay together. I kept him in my arms till the very end of the video.

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I bent down on my knee and with my voice suffocated from my tears I asked him to marry me.

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