Fig and Dustin

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How We Met

Funnily enough, Dustin and I met through Tinder. We thought it would just be a quick fling with no strings attached. We had both recently gotten out of rocky situation-ships and were just looking for some fun. Then we just kind of clicked one of the nights we went out, he says the moment he knew was when I was watching Dimension 20 clips on TikTok. I think the moment I knew was when I almost fell asleep in his arms. Since then, we’ve always been there for each other even when things get a little hard to handle. We went on vacation to my old college town where he got to meet my future best man, I walked in my local pride parade while he cheered me on from the sidewalk with his friends, and he took me to his cousin’s wedding where we danced the night away (and I fell due to a few too many drinks), and through all of that good and the bad that came with it, we grew to love each other more every day.

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How They Asked

Every Wednesday and Thursday we hung out together and I told him that I wanted to take my mom to the immersive Van Gogh exhibit that was coming to Omaha since I live close to there. I had told him that one day I’d love to have a Van Gogh-themed wedding and he remembered that. So, once he had the ring and the custom ring box (that matches our most used emoji, a blue heart), he set up for us to take my mom to the exhibit. I actually almost ruined the surprise for myself by finding the ring box in his pocket but I knew he had told my friends he was going to fake me out so I figured it was an elaborate plot to trick me into thinking he was proposing. Before leaving, while I cleaned the car out a bit, he asked my mom if she would capture the moment for him, told my siblings it was happening, and off we went. The exhibit was beautiful and we entered the last room right as Starry Night was fading to the next Van Gogh work. We stayed all the way until Starry Night popped up again and he and my mom told me we should take pictures with this one since we missed the opportunity the first time. I was fully convinced he had definitely faked me out since we were getting ready to leave but right as I had decided it definitely wasn’t happening that day was when he got down on one knee. Starry Night engulfed the scene and I said yes as my mom took our picture. Everything about it was perfect.