Fernanda and Renee's Adorable Flash Mob Proposal

surprise marriage proposal photos 0_oHow We Met: It has been 7 years of a wonderful relationship, we first met in a nightclub and since then we complement each other. He had lived in Colombia during two years and we used to get together every two months, it seemed like an eternity to me, I suffered a lot, cried every single day. Today I see that the distance strengthened our love and showed how we deserve to be together to complete each other.

While ago I started asking him about the engagement (according to him, every single day).

how they asked: The time stopped, I had the feeling that I was living a dream, took time for me to believe that this magic moment was my proposal.I have always wanted something special, creative and romantic. However, he had always said that he was not brave enough to expose himself, so I was expecting an ordinary proposal, maybe during a dinner. Nevertheless, as always, he overcome himself to surprise me, this time it was better that every dream I have already had.

He counted with the help and dedication of the family, some close friends and the proposal planners “O Pedido” to turn, what I thought that would be a meeting in a bar with some friends, in a day that will be forever remembered in my life. I am starting a new period in my life in an atmosphere filled with love, confident that God united me to my soul mate to create a beautiful Family. So let’s wait for the marriage!

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Proposal Planners: O Pedido   |  Photographer  |  Fs Fotografia   |   Video: Ricardo Kirmayr  |  Url