Fernanda and Renato

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How We Met

Renato and I met in 2015, in April, but the first time I saw him was during a young adult trip organized by our church in February 2015. As soon as I saw him, I told to a friend: “wow, who’s this guy? He is very attractive”. But, since there were around 200 young adults travelling together, I didn’t have the chance to talk to him right away. After the trip, I noticed that Renato was going to all weekend services in the church and I realized he was a new member and had many friends that I also didn’t know. I was so attracted by him that I decided to find a way to become closer discreetly. I texted a friend we had in common to invite him and his friends to spend the day having fun in a nice park we have in the city, and I was expecting him to call Renato, but later I found out Renato was on a trip with other friends so obviously he didn’t go.

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Anyway, I hung out with his friends that day and it was great to meet new people. After that, they started inviting me to go out with them after the young adults services every Saturday, and those were the opportunities to meet Renato and start a friendship with him. After some weeks we started texting each other everyday, going out with friends during the weekends, and becoming closer and closer. On June, 24th, 2015, he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes.

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how they asked

In May, 16th, 2017 I went through a refractive surgery, that is a procedure to correct vision problems. In my case, the myopia (or nearsightedness). Although it is a simple procedure, doctor has instructed me to not leave my house for a week and recover completely. I was on a job vacation, and was not able to attend weekend services, so I was feeling kind of alone and bored. Renato suggested to call our friends to go to my place and spend some hours with me after the Saturday service, and I totally agreed to that idea. I texted them, and they all accepted to go (around 20 people), so I was finally going to have some fun time after four painful days recovering from the surgery. Saturday night came, and when my friends arrived, we ordered some pizzas to have “dinner” together.

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Twenty minutes later, my brother in law told us that the pizza guy had arrived. I was talking to a friend, and suddenly she looked behind me and told: “Fer, I don’t know why, but the pizza guy has entered in your home”. I didn’t get what she meant and turned to see what was going on. Then I saw Renato wearing one of those big jackets that people driving motorcycles wear, and a helmet in his head. I was very confused at this time and said: “baby, are you going to deliver the pizzas to us?” So far I have no idea why I said that. Then, he gave me a pizza box and I took it, yet not understanding anything. I looked to the box and saw in its top that he manually designed a logo of his own pizzeria. It was called “R and F pizzeria”, and there was a slogan saying “a pizzeria where even the pizza guy proposes” (in Portuguese, we use the same word to say “propose” and “order” so the slogan had a double meaning, creating a joke with the situation).

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At this time, I was already aware of what was going on, so I opened the pizza box and saw a very cute pizza (missing a slice) that Renato created with paper and pens, and each slice had a word saying “How many slices we have in a full pizza?”. Then I told him “we have 8”. So he gave me the missing slice that was written “lower the visor of my helmet”. Everybody was laughing and saying funny things, so I lowered the visor and saw a paper saying “will you marry me?”. Renato went down on his knee and took a small box of his pocket. He opened it and I saw a very beautiful ring there. I said yes!

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Everybody was screaming, laughing, crying and so was I. We hugged for some time, then everybody said “Renato, take this helmet off”. I tried to take it off, but I couldn’t, so he did it, and then we hugged for a long time and kissed! Now I am engaged to the man of my dreams, my big boy, my love, the person I want to build a life together.

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God has been with us during these almost two years and I am sure he will be forever. Renato, I love you (eu te amo – in Portuguese)!

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