Fermil and Patricia | An Airplane Proposal

Birthday Proposal Surprise (4)

how they asked: Sunday morning. Two Days before her birthday. It was the perfect day to celebrate her birthday, two days in advance. What she didn’t know…she’ll get more than what she asked for.

Early morning drive to the outskirt, she thought it’ll just be a fun day doing the zipline. She loves adventure. She loves extreme activities. He knows his surprise will be one of a kind…memorable. Something she will not forget for the rest of her life. They are heading to a flying school. She’s gonna fly!

So when it is revealed to her that she was not going to do the usual zipline, she can’t be more ecstatic now that she’s riding a plane. Tension arises upon him…knowing that “this is it!” No holding back…but he is sure of what to do. Because he knows she’s the one for him.

Birthday Proposal Surprise (5)

Take off…time for the big revelation. Time to set up and be ready. Cameras rolling. Friends and Families going to their positions. Her plane passes by…She’s clueless. The plane circled back and now she knows what’s happening. MARRY ME. That’s all she sees. As she alights the plane, violin plays their favorite song. Everyone cheering.

Birthday Proposal Surprise (3)

He gets closer to her…emotions are strong. All he can think of…”This is the girl I want to marry. And if I want to spend the rest of my life with her…it has to start now.”

He kneels. She is still in shock…a little bit teary eyed.

Birthday Proposal Surprise (7)

Birthday Proposal Surprise (1)

Brought out the ring. He popped the question…and she said YES!

Birthday Proposal Surprise (2)

Birthday Proposal Surprise (6)

A love story of the adventurous. A love story of two people bound to explore the world. A love that will not only fly…but soar!

Videography by Buen Films