McCall and Brandon's Fenway Park Marriage Proposal

How we met: Brandon and I grew up in a small town in Tennessee. We attended church together at the age of 3 and later attended the same high school, where we began dating. After graduating high school, we both attended Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.

Fenway Park Marriage Proposal

how they asked: In March of 2013, now dating almost 6 years, Brandon had an interview in the city of our dreams-Boston, MA. Even though I was filled with extreme jealousy because I am a huge Red Sox fan, I was so thankful and excited for him!

Fenway Park Marriage Proposal The night before he left, he surprised me with flights to tag along as an early “birthday present” because as fate would have it- we share the same birthday (March 21st). The plan was to fly to Boston, have the interview, and fly home.

When we arrived, the pilot informed us that they were experiencing “yucky weather.” Well, in Tennessee, yucky weather means rain. In Boston, this was perceived as a blizzard! Snow FILLED the city. It was amazing and shocking all at the same time!

After a little bit, he told me he had yet another surprise. The interview was not until the afternoon, so he called and booked us a tour of Fenway Park. I was excited, but a little concerned because I did not think we would have enough time to truck through the snow and make it back to the interview. However, I agreed to go and we proceeded to Yawkey Way!

When we arrived at Fenway Park, I felt as if I was on holy ground. My dad played professional baseball in the past, so I have baseball in my blood. We met our tour guides at gate D and entered the beautiful home of the Boston Red Sox. I had so many emotions flowing! The guy began feeding us with facts about the park, the players, and the history of it all. I did everything I could to soak it all in!

As we approached the field, he asked if we were even interested in seeing it because it was snowing so hard. Absolutely we did! We were at Fenway- we wanted to see the field! Before we walked out, he told me to stop and notice the gate number. He said he wanted me to always remember our first entrance at Fenway- Gate 40, 41.

As I am memorizing the gate numbers and walking towards the field, I look up to see “WILL YOU MARRY ME, MCCALL?” on the the big screen, near the Big Green Monster! And to my right is Brandon, on one knee…in the snow!! I thought, “Is this real life?” I immediately started crying and smiling and all the many things a girl would do when getting proposed to by the love of her life at Fenway Park! It was a dream come true…and turns out, no interview at all!

Fenway Park Marriage Proposal Ideas

Fenway Park Marriage Proposal Ideas


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