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How We Met

So we’ve been friends for as long as we can remember! Felix is my childhood friend. We both are from Jakarta, Indonesia. We met up every week at Sunday School as babies and grew up to become best friends. Every week became everyday when he moved to my school in 7th grade and later he was my prom date in high school. Sadly, those everydays had to stop after graduation when I decided to continue study abroad in Houston, Texas. But who said distance made us apart? It was actually made us closer. With 12 hours time difference between us, we always look forward for our chat time and video calls. Thanks to Facebook, Windows Live messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp, we finally made it official on April 3rd, 2010 online.. That’s the beginning of our awesome long distance relationship and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Long story short, in 2016, I moved to a beautiful city by the Rocky Mountains, Calgary, Alberta for a work assignment. I told Felix how much I love him to join me exploring the area. Later that June, he flew over thousands and thousands of miles across the globe to visit me and enjoy our summer vacation together. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen, other than spending our quality time with each other.

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July 3rd, we were leaving to Vancouver on a road trip, so we decided to celebrate our 75 monthiversary on the day before. It’s about 6+ years and yes, we are one of those couples who enjoy counting our relationship by month. :) That day was awesome, we decided to have a casual date around the city. We had a delicious brazilian BBQ, then ramen noodles, then my favorite peach-mango shake from Peters’ Drive-in. We also spent a quality time with my Calgary family (BIC Calgary) in the afternoon. The sun was set around midnight (it’s Canada!), we went home pretty late. Later that I knew, something was going to happen soon.

As we were doing last minute packing, I gave him a matching polo shirt as our monthiversary surprise gift. He was so happy! However, he told me that he was also have a surprise gift from Jakarta. He asked me to close my eyes because it was so special. When I opened my eyes, he was already down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised, beyond words! And of course I said YES! Now we’re one step closer to end this distance and start our life together soon.

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