Felisha and Shea

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how they asked

Shea and I went to Boston College together, both class of 2012. Throughout college we liked to go on walks around the Reservoir. In 2016 over Thanksgiving, we were heading to meet at friend at a restaurant next to Boston College. The friend said he was running late so I suggested (as he knew I would) that we walk around the Reservoir. We came upon a set up of chilling champagne, BC glasses, roses, and a picture of us. I knew what was happening and before I coils say anything he was on his knee asking me to marry him!

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Of course I said yes! We celebrated with champagne and his sister and brother-in-law popped out of the bushes. They had come earlier to set up everything and were able to take some sneaky pictures. We then went to the rooftop of our first apartment together where both our families were waiting and continued to celebrate with dinner and more champagne!

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